Finally I have my own subdomain on I received this free invitation from Pujiono. Like I said on his blog, I will using My as an expriment blog especially make some themes for WordPress, but looks like there is no ftp access on Hmm…. i’ll think about that later.

FYI, is an easy and powerful way to start blogging and powered by WordPress Multi User application. You can run it yourself on your host by download wordpress.

The only way to acquire a account is by invitation only and I don’t have invitation anymore :). I gave mine to Indra and Indra gave to Epat and Epat gave to Totok :).

15 thoughts on “My

  1. Beyond Good and Evil

  2. Wah sub-domain di WP.comnya apaan tuch? Ntar biar bisa ku blogroll. Sekarang aja bingung mau nulis apaan di ah ini akibat melacur dari blog ku yang sesungguhnya :p

  3. Beyond Good and Evil » Epat on WordPress.Com

  4. apaan sih? koq pake acara ngundang-ngundang sgala? rahasia ya-rahasia ya?? ono tahlilan tha? mbo’ aku diundang.. ben oleh berkat rek:d

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