Four Things

I got this from Andry ‘Azhari’ Huzain, so here are my four things.

Four jobs in my life

* Freelance
* PHP Programmer
* GIS Programmer
* And right now as a mbambung man

Four movies I can watch over and over

* Braveheart
* Speed
* Die Hard

Dan masih berlanjut ke yang lain 😉

Four places I have lived

* Jakarta
* Bandung
* Malang
* Banda Aceh

Four TV shows I love to watch

* Audisi Pelawak TPI

Four places I have been on vacation

* Lampuu Lhoknga
* Ujong Bate
* Banyuwangi 😀

Four of my favourite dishes

* Coffe Starblack
* Sampoerna A-Mild

Four web sites I visit daily

* Google
* Gmail
* Yahoo! Mail
* My Blog 😀

Four places I would rather be right now

* Sabang
* Calang
* Malang
* Banyuwangi :-$

Bloggers I am tagging

* Indra
* Venuz

9 thoughts on “Four Things

  1. hayyah… lama -lama bisa remuk aku dud, kamu lempari terus.. duh harus mikir lagi.

    Four places I would rather be right now
    * Banyuwangi :-$

    =)) Hahahahhahha… Aku menduga inilah alasan utama dudi mau jadi drifter ke ujung aceh. =))

  2. Four movies I watch over and over:
    – jailangkung
    – jailangkung
    – jailangkung
    – jailangkung
    (kidding, nonton sekali aja bikin gw gak bisa tidur seminggu lol)

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